Personal Injury

A major component of M&K's practice is devoted to representing individuals seeking recovery from injuries arising from auto accidents, and unsafe premises.  M&K's attorneys have substantial experience in representing individuals for these matters in jury trials, arbitration hearings and mediation.  We offer alternatives to contingent fee arrangements, including flat fee arrangements, hourly rates and modified-contingent fee arrangements.  Our philosophy is that a reasonable fee does not always mean "one-third of the recovery". 

Since all law firms who practice in this area do not charge unless "they get money for you", the real issue is the percentage that should be charged for each case.  Our firm is willing to review the contingent fee percentage on a case-by-case basis to ensure that clients, particularly those with debilitating and permanent injuries, are not saddled with excessively high contingent agreements.  Therefore, we explore all available options with our clients and, regardless of the fee arrangement, focus on our mission and duty to obtain the best result for each and every client.  Further, we are able to rely on a well-developed network of medical, accounting, engineering and other scientific professionals to assist us in establishing liability and a fair amount for damages. 

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