I.    Personal Injury

A major component of M&K's practice is devoted to representing individuals seeking recovery from injuries arising from auto accidents, and unsafe premises. M&K's attorneys have substantial experience in representing individuals for these matters in jury trials, arbitration hearings and mediation. We offer alternatives to contingent fee arrangements, including flat fee arrangements, hourly rates and modified-contingent fee arrangements. Our philosophy is that a reasonable fee does not always mean "one-third of the recovery". Since all law firms who practice in this area do not charge unless "they get money for you", the real issue is the percentage that should be charged for each case. Our firm is willing to review the contingent fee percentage on a case-by-case basis to ensure that clients, particularly those with debilitating and permanent injuries, are not saddled with excessively high contingent agreements. Therefore, we explore all available options with our clients and, regardless of the fee arrangement, focus on our mission and duty to obtain the best result for each and every client. Further, we are able to rely on a well-developed network of medical, accounting, engineering and other scientific professionals to assist us in establishing liability and a fair amount for damages.
Please contact Paul Kay or Chuck Merchant.

II.  Business Litigation

Our attorneys represent numerous small and medium size business entities in a wide array of legal matters. On the plaintiff side, our work often consists of filing suit, as necessary, to enforce collection rights or obtain damages for breach of contract. On the defense side, we have substantial experience defending and consulting on employment matters, including age discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful discharge. We also represent clients in lawsuits involving commercial leases, employment contracts and non-compete agreements. We offer a variety of fee arrangements to our business clients, including flat fee, contingent, modified-contingent and hourly billing. We view each matter as if it were our own business. This provides the best results for business clients who need the resources of litigation attorneys to resolve disputes in the most efficient and satisfactory manner possible.
Please contact Chuck Merchant
or Paul Kay.

III.    Construction Law

M&K's construction law practice includes representation of public entities, corporations, homeowners, contractors, architects and engineers. Our attorneys have trial experience successfully defending and pursing claims in excess of $1,000,000.00. In addition to litigation, we serve numerous clients through preparation and consultation on contracts ranging from multi-million dollar commercial projects to single family residences. We also provide representation to owners and contractors on claims arising during the construction process which often relate to extra costs and delays. Our involvement during the contract formation process and dealing with claims during the construction process is focused on reducing the likelihood of litigation and placing our client in the most advantageous position possible in the event that litigation is necessary. Our experience serving as an arbitrator for the Construction Industry Panel of the American Arbitration Association enhances our ability to advise clients about the likely results of litigating a construction dispute. Also, we are able to rely on a well developed network of consulting engineers, architects, and contractors to assist in the evaluation and resolution of construction claims.
Please contact Chuck Merchant.

IV.    Criminal Defense

M&K has counsel with experience in all areas of criminal defense. Our representation includes counseling clients subject to investigation, defense of misdemeanor and felony charges, and appellate litigation seeking to overturn convictions. We strive to resolve all charges against each client at the earliest time possible, and rely on our history and experience of dealing with prosecuting attorneys to resolve most matters without the need for trial. Because most clients need to know the cost of their defense in advance, we offer flat fee arrangements for almost all areas of our criminal defense practice. When necessary, we are prepared to aggressively pursue trial and put the government to its burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Many categories of cases, especially those involving DUI, permit forms of alternative resolution, such as Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition (ARD). We have represented hundreds of clients through this process and are well versed in the requirements and conditions of the non-trial programs.
Please contact Paul Kay.

V.   Estate Planning and Administration

Each of our attorneys have substantial experience preparing wills, living wills and powers of attorney. We counsel clients on medical assistance eligibility planning and prepare a wide range of trust documents, including supplemental needs trusts. In the administration area, we provide counsel to personal representatives of estates and trustees.
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